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Why a Class 101 College Planning Franchise Is a Better Choice Than a Tutoring Business

Affordable Start-up Fees, Untapped Opportunity and Long-Term Impact Make a Class 101 Franchise a Smart Venture

Class 101 college planning services are an affordable solution to a nasty problem facing families — not enough time or resources to navigate the confusing and complicated college application process. Traditional tutoring services address just one piece of the academic puzzle; they don’t provide a long-term service resulting in happy and successful college kids who ultimately become happy and successful in their chosen careers. Class 101 created the college planning franchise segment 20 years ago, and it is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about working with teens.

Two ladies discussing

Director of Franchise Relations Betsy Filchak talks with a student about her college prep progress. Class 101 created the college planning franchise segment 20 years ago, and it is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about working with teens.

Class 101 is a national college planning franchise that helps high school students get into better colleges and qualify for higher amounts of scholarships and financial aid. We address a common problem: the college application process is complicated, competitive and stressful, resulting in students who don’t get enough, or any, financial aid and often end up at the wrong school.

“At Class 101 we help students strive for the ultimate goal of selecting the best college or university that matches their career goals and individual talents and passions,” says founder Tom Pabin. “The one-on-one meetings our franchisees conduct with high school students result in savings, success and less stress, which means happier kids and parents.”

For parents who go to great lengths to give their kids an extra edge, tutoring services may be popular, but a college planning service is a better choice. A Class 101 college planning franchise is a much better investment than a tutoring business for entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping young people for several reasons.

Class 101 College Planning Franchise Offers Extremely Affordable Startup Fees

Class 101 offers low initial fees and potential for a much higher margin — our simple business model has very low overhead. Our franchise fee of $27,500 is significantly lower than most franchise options, and we provide all the training and marketing materials you need to launch a successful business. Total initial investment starts at $40,400, and several of our franchisees have surpassed the $100,000 revenue mark in their first or second year.

Class 101 Student Savings Infographic

The Class 101 business model is effective; our full suite of services, including ACT and SAT test prep workshops and guided college campus tours, keeps your business pipeline full year round, even when school is out. You can launch your business venture solo and choose to add employees as you grow, or you can remain a single owner with our flexible business models that all feature the same low franchise fee.

Opportunity for a College Planning Franchise Is Untapped in Almost Every U.S. Market

There are more than 40 tutoring service franchises — ranging from one-on-one after-school services to very large companies — but few competitors in the college planning business. Class 101 is a pioneer in the college planning industry, having created the college planning franchise segment 20 years ago. There is untapped opportunity in almost every market in the United States to launch this service. It is not readily available, but it is desperately needed by thousands of families nationwide.

“Class 101 is a simple business model to get up and running, and we provide franchisees with everything they need to be successful,” Tom says. Class 101 has locations in Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Florida and Indiana, all of which have experienced explosive growth during their opening year.

College Planning Services Make a Positive Long-Term Impact

If you’ve always wanted to own a rewarding business, Class 101 franchisees make a tremendous positive impact on the lives of young people. Our one-on-one college planning sessions with students, ACT and SAT preparation classes, seminars and organized campus visits fill a growing need for families who want a lower-stress college application process. Demand for personalized college planning will continue to rise, and there are few competitors in the market.

Class 101 team discussing

The Class 101 franchise team meets in the franchise’s headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

The typical high school senior has very limited and impersonal college counseling services. High school counselors are overloaded and spend less than 40 minutes each year helping prepare seniors for college. Class 101 fills a gap, providing personalized planning services that cut through the confusion and help save families thousands of dollars.

“Teenagers are less likely to listen to their parents when it comes to college planning,” Tom says. “From parents, it’s nagging. From us, it’s advice. Parents then know they have a support system; they can contact us at any step of the way. They can have peace of mind that the entire college preparation process is being overseen by somebody their child is going to listen to. We get the best from these kids. We affirm them, challenge them and teach them. We are right beside them to mitigate the cost and complexity of the college preparation process, all while instilling them with confidence.”

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For in-depth details about the Class 101 franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.


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