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Our Low-Investment Franchise Helps High School Students Find Their Future

Since 1997, Class 101 has helped thousands of high school students get into the best colleges for the best price. We believe every high school student should have a positive college experience and that families should, and can, pay less out of their own pockets for college. Millions of high school students enroll as college freshmen each fall. Too often, they miss out on tens of thousands of dollars of scholarship and grant money, and they end up unhappy and unsatisfied with their college experience.

Class 101 Fills A Need Not Met by the Current High School Counseling System

The typical high school counseling experience is rushed and impersonal. A Public Agenda report, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that 48 percent of respondents felt that their school counselor treated them like “just another face in the crowd.” In fact, if a student is able to get individual time with a counselor to focus on the college process, it is often less than 45 minutes throughout the entire time they are enrolled in high school. Class 101 offers a much-needed solution, working one-on-one with students and giving each of them 30-50 hours of individual planning time.

Our franchisees invest in kids by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the next chapter of their life.

The Average Class 101 Student Earns More Than $160,000 In Scholarships

The average Class 101 student applies to 7 schools and earns $160,000 in scholarships and financial aid, while the typical high school student gets accepted into just two or three schools and earns $20,000 in scholarships and aid. Our students also improve their ACT scores by 3 points after working with a Class 101 professional. The return is enormous; schools are much more willing to grant scholarship funds to kids with outstanding ACT scores, solid GPAs, well-written essays, and resumes that help them stand out from the crowd.

“The secret most parents don’t understand is that there is a school for every student, and there are many schools that have money to give out,” Tom says. “Eighty percent of the students who go to college pick the wrong school or miss out on large amounts of scholarships they could easily get if they just understood the process better and had more substantial guidance earlier. We founded Class 101 to address the issue.”

With college costs rising at a rate of 6% above the rate of inflation (long-term), the time invested in hiring a Class 101 counselor offers an incredibly attractive ROI. The typical transfer rate for college freshmen is 30% or so, but Class 101 students transfer less than 5% of the time. Why? Because we work one-on-one with students to ensure they have laid the groundwork to ensure a successful college career.

Bring Class 101 Into Your Community

Class 101’s college planning franchise has helped students gain access to hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarship money. With statistics showing the rising cost of not going to college (millennials with a bachelor’s degree make an average of $45,500 annually, compared to high school graduates making $28,800 annually, according to Pew Research Center data), a college education is more valuable than ever. We welcome the opportunity to speak with potential owners about bringing this unique and valuable service to their community.

Learn more about our school franchise opportunity and then take the first step toward ownership today!

A Few Words from Current Franchise Owners

  • “We created 12, 24, and 36 month plans. I'm really happy to say that the goals we've set, we've so far met and exceeded those. We hit our one year goal for enrollment at four months. We see just great success coming after that.”

    - Karen Derosa
    Owner, Dayton , OH
  • “I started looking for franchises that dealt with education because I knew I was passionate about education and wanted to help students [...] That's when I found Class 101. Witnessing the interactions that were happening with students, I told my husband tha”

    - Tracey Childs
    Owner, Mobile , AL
  • “We knew Class 101 was right for us. We just felt like God had gift-wrapped it and put it on a silver platter for us. Class 101 gave us the tools that we lacked as individuals to help kids and to actually make money while doing it.”

    - Kim Stegemoller
    Owner, Bloomington , IN
  • “Joining the Class 101 family has been one of my best decisions. Not only are we providing a much-needed service to our community, but we are also building strong relationships with our Class 101 students and families.”

    - Sara Lutz
    Owner, Western , KY

Our Awards

  • Top Low-Cost Franchise
    Top Low-Cost Franchise
  • Silver Award for Established Franchise
    Silver Award for Established Franchise
  • Top 100 Game-Changer Franchise
    Top 100 Game-Changer Franchise

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