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Our Education Franchise Makes a Difference in the Lives of College-Bound Kids

There are quite a few reasons why the Class 101 college planning franchise is a great choice for driven entrepreneurs, education professionals, or any business professionals looking to break free from the corporate world and make a difference in their communities. Our education franchise helps high school students better understand their future options by giving them the tools, encouragement, and support needed to get into better colleges and qualify for higher amounts of financial aid and scholarships.

If you or a family member has ever encountered the college planning process, we don’t have to tell you how confusing, complicated, and overwhelming it can be for anyone, let alone high school students. Combine this process with trying to stay on top of their schoolwork, and it’s no wonder so many students either end up at the wrong schools or don’t receive the maximum aid they are entitled to – or both. Class 101 addresses this common problem and helps students find their futures.

Here are a few stats to emphasize the importance of our college prep franchise:

  • Last year, millions of high school students enrolled at more than 4,000 institutions (National Center for Education Statistics)
  • One in three freshmen drop out after their first year (U.S. News & World Report)
  • Students who drop out of college struggle to regain their bearings and get back on track

As one of our college planning franchise owners, you’ll have the unique opportunity to address this issue. Our planning starts during the freshman year of high school and planners work one-on-one with students for an hour at a time throughout the year. Students will prepare for the SAT and ACT tests, focus on improving their grades, build a list of potential schools, and so much more.

Class 101 Students Find Incredible Success

Our results speak for themselves. Students that participate in the Class 101 program have seen some amazing outcomes. Class 101 students apply to approximately 7 schools, compared to two or three for non-Class 101 participants. Class 101 students also receive, on average, more than $160,000 in financial aid and scholarships, compared to $20,000 for those who don’t use our services.

Class 101 students are also more likely to stay in school, as their dropout rate is less than 1%, compared to the national average of nearly 33%. This goes to show how crucial it is for students to have support and guidance as they transition from high school into college. As one of our education franchise owners, you’ll be the source of this much needed support.

There are 4,700 higher-learning Institutions in the United States to help your students get into

Class 101 Provides Much-Needed Personalized College Planning Services

Our planners typically begin working with high school students during their freshman year. They receive weekly, individualized attention, including the following:

  • Counseling on which courses they should take
  • Creating a resume that stands out from others
  • Increasing SAT and ACT scores
  • Writing an impressive college entrance essay
  • Building a list of ideal colleges that fit a student’s individual situation
  • Applying for scholarship opportunities and financial aid

Students pay a small down payment and a fixed monthly fee and have access to all of the above services. And our assistance doesn’t end there. We also offer college-savings seminars, SAT and ACT prep classes, and organized college campus tours.

Get In on The Ground Floor of Class 101’s Rapid Expansion

As people become more aware of the invaluable benefits of our college planning franchise, Class 101 is positioned for rapid expansion. We are a low-investment franchise with a franchise fee of only $39,900, which sets us apart from many other franchise opportunities in the education sector.

The Class 101 company culture is incredibly supportive, and the work that we do is a discovery process that helps high school students be the best that they can be. Not only that, but we also help families save money and buck the trend of accruing student loan debt. There is high demand for our services in communities across the country, so now is the time to join our college planning franchise.

Learn more about Class 101 and why we are considered one of the best education franchises!

A Few Words from Current Franchise Owners

  • “We created 12, 24, and 36 month plans. I'm really happy to say that the goals we've set, we've so far met and exceeded those. We hit our one year goal for enrollment at four months. We see just great success coming after that.”

    - Karen Derosa
    Owner, Dayton , OH
  • “I started looking for franchises that dealt with education because I knew I was passionate about education and wanted to help students [...] That's when I found Class 101. Witnessing the interactions that were happening with students, I told my husband tha”

    - Tracey Childs
    Owner, Mobile , AL
  • “We knew Class 101 was right for us. We just felt like God had gift-wrapped it and put it on a silver platter for us. Class 101 gave us the tools that we lacked as individuals to help kids and to actually make money while doing it.”

    - Kim Stegemoller
    Owner, Bloomington , IN
  • “Joining the Class 101 family has been one of my best decisions. Not only are we providing a much-needed service to our community, but we are also building strong relationships with our Class 101 students and families.”

    - Sara Lutz
    Owner, Western , KY

Our Awards

  • Top Low-Cost Franchise
    Top Low-Cost Franchise
  • Silver Award for Established Franchise
    Silver Award for Established Franchise
  • Top 100 Game-Changer Franchise
    Top 100 Game-Changer Franchise

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