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Empowering Futures: Class 101 Franchisee’s share their WHY

At Class 101, we understand that every individual who embarks on the journey of franchise ownership with us has their own compelling reason, a personal motivation that propels them forward on their entrepreneurial journey.

For some of our franchisees, the desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of students and their families is the driving force behind their decision. They are passionate about providing guidance, support, and personalized college planning services to help students navigate the challenging process of higher education. Their fulfillment lies in witnessing the transformative effect their expertise can have on a student's future. Others are drawn to the entrepreneurial spirit that franchise ownership offers. They crave the freedom to be their own boss, to chart their own course, and to create a thriving business that reflects their unique vision and values. They see Class 101 as the ideal platform to merge their passion for education with their entrepreneurial aspirations, with the added benefit of a proven business model and ongoing support. Many franchisees also find resonance in our mission and values. They are inspired by our commitment to providing exceptional service, fostering a supportive environment, and making a difference in the communities we serve. Aligning their own values with the ethos of Class 101, they choose to partner with us to make a meaningful contribution to the educational landscape.

No matter the WHY behind their decisions, each Class 101 franchisee brings their distinct background, expertise, and aspirations to our franchise family. Hear some of their WHY directly:

“It’s about watching students have the light bulb click on and take ownership of their college-application process. One of the things that is really exciting for us is we really push the adage of we want you to have a choice and not just settle and say, ‘This is the only school I have available to me or this is the only opportunity.’ … Class 101 really allows students and families to have more choices to help them do what they want to do and what we want to do, which is provide great futures for our students.” Philip and Janese Cooper — Class 101 Savannah

“We navigate the complex, multi-year process by working one-on-one with students as early as their freshman year of high school. But it’s not just about getting into college. At the core of everything we do is a passion for helping young people find their future.” Pamela Knezic — Class 101 Central Wisconsin

“I am passionate about helping young people realize their fullest potential by reaching their educational goals. Watching that process from start to finish is fulfilling for both the students and families and for me!” — Tracey Childs, Ed.D. Class 101 Mobile

“Coming from a health provider career and teaching background I have spent a lot of time in service and that’s where I found career fulfillment and joy. Through Class 101 we are helping the students find the right path. We are ultimately saving parents not just money, but also sparing them the anxiety of a student who is unhappy, who is ready to come home, and ready to quit. The things we do sets them up for success.” — Joni Ferguson Class 101 Franklin

“One thing that Is very enticing about the Class 101 franchise business model is the low overhead as well as the reasonable franchise fees, which for many franchise owners can be made up very quickly.” – Hollie Holt Class 101 Franklin

If you’re passionate about helping students find their future and want to do so with a supportive and effective franchise, look no further than Class 101. Contact us today to learn more.

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